ABOUT FLAMIG FARM - A Vision for the Near Future

Over the past 30 years, driven by Nevin Christensen's eco-environmental vision, Flamig Farm has grown from a small egg, organic vegetable, and strawberry operation to a richly varied, education and entertainment, farm complex. It is now time for this valuable community resource to take a leap into the future and realize its potential to become a major source of information and inspiration during what appears to be a period of uncertainty, change, and upheaval throughout the world. We hope to present a vision of the future which outlines a pathway toward becoming a center for demonstration and education in the context of vital human systems, particularly food, energy and health.

Mission Statement

The goal at Flamig Farm is to create the premier demonstration and education center in southern New England for local food production, decentralized energy production, and energy conservation, with focus also on personal wellness and nutrition. The center will be a resource for information, inspiration, and consultation, and will strive to encourage all who visit to take greater responsibility for personal and community wellbeing.

Why are the Eggs letters backwards?

An artist friend of ours told us he wanted to put something on the end of our chicken barn.

We were too busy to really pay attention to what he was doing.

He invited us to the wood working shop to show us what he had created and we found a huge sign that said EGGS.

We knew zoning would not let us put up a sign that big, we told him that, and he and everyone got a bit upset.

Finally someone asked "What if we put it up backwards and call it "ART". And so we did.....

Zoning did come out two years in a row and asked us to take it down. We never did take it down....and now 30 something years later it has become a landmark. :-)



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