What is your cancellation policy?

Here it is.

 Is my child's health form on file?

If your child attended our camp last year and your health form is current (they are good for 3 years after the date of the physical exam), IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to call our office and verify that we have a valid form on file for your child. If your health form has expired, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY to submit a new form signed by you and your doctor to our office no later than 14 days prior to the first day of the camp session. If you do not follow these instructions, your child will not be allowed to attend the first day of the camp session. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What are the camp hours?

Camp hours are from 9:00am - 1:00pm Monday through Friday.

What time should I arrive?

No campers accepted before 8:45am

What should we wear/bring?

Please wear comfortable close-toed shoes. NO SANDALS. Farm fashion--you will get dirty! On Spring hike days, water shoes are recommended.

Rain or shine...dress for the weather! Drinkable water is provided, but you can always bring your own water bottle for those hot days. (Make sure your name is on it!)

What happens if it rains?

No cancellations due to weather! There are eggs to be gathered and animals to feed...rain or shine!

Do you cater to specific dietary needs or allergies?

Flamig Farm provides snack and lunch. If your child is not able to eat what is provided, you may send a bag lunch.

Do you have a nurse on-site?

Yes! She will gladly answer all questions and concerns pertaining to allergies, medications, etc. If medication is accompanying the child, please make sure the proper medication form, signed by the doctor, is completed and the medication is in its original box/container and is not expired.

Are cell phones allowed?

Please, please, PLEASE leave cell phones at home. They are easlily lost, broken or dropped in animal poop or water buckets. We have a farm phone for any camper who needs to use it.

What if I need to switch weeks?

Please refer to our changes/cancellation policies.



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