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Joe $12.00 - $120.00
Joe is the most majestic cat we have ever seen! He is enormous and guards the window of the store. He is super friendly and loves to be pet. He was born here on the farm back in 2015 from a stray cat named Sassy who was donated here.
Wanda $12.00 - $120.00
Wanda is a female spayed stray cat that we adopted in November 2020. She is a little timid but is super sweet. She likes to hang out in the farm store and soak up the warmth of the woodstove especially after living outside on her own for a while. Sponsoring her would help pay for all the vaccinations she needed in order to come here.
Mel $12.00 - $120.00
Mel is one of the kittens the farm rescued in 2021. He has the best personality and you can find him laying in his bed upside down in the farm store or relaxing outside on the A/C unit. His coat feels like VELVET!