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Hamish $40.00 - $400.00
Hamish is Farmer Julie’s event horse. He loves to jump and gallop really fast. He lives at Flamig for the nice weather months and then moves to a farm in Canton where there is an indoor arena for the winter. He really loves petting zoo visitors and would feel so special if you sponsor him. He also loves to pose in pictures with you… Such a handsome boy!
Jake $50.00 - $500.00
Jake is our biggest draft horse here at the farm. He is a gentle giant! He also loves to act and is our Headless Horseman’s horse during the spooky hayride.
Moose $50.00 - $500.00
Moose is a black and white paint draft horse. He is Jake’s best friend and will live out his life  here at Flamig Farm. In his old life he was a riding horse named “Onyx” but he was nervous and unpredictable. He has learned to drive and is much more comfortable with his partner Jake hooked along side. He is young so he would love your sponsorship to help him with his “retired” lifestyle.